BeeGFS at ISC HPC 2016

From June 20th to 22nd, the whole world will be looking at the ISC HPC Conference & Exhibition in Franfurt, Germany, to get an idea of what the future of computing will look like. This year will be all about the shift from FLOPS to bytes, based on the awareness that even the fastest CPU is not worth a lot if it keeps stalling on file I/O.

That’s why our partners have prepared a lot of interesting solutions to help you solve your I/O problems by unleashing the full potential of BeeGFS – and of course there are several BeeGFS events and goodies waiting for you at the show…

(If you can’t make it to ISC HPC but need a lightning fast, flexible and easy to use turn-key storage solution, you might want to check out our new BeeGFS partners website.)

  • At booth 640, you will find the BeeGFS team, including Sven Breuner (CEO of ThinkParQ) and Christian Mohrbacher (BeeGFS Development Lead).
  • At booth 1026, you will find our Gold Partner transtec. On Tuesday at 4p.m., transtec will host a BeeGFS booth party at the transtec booth. Free drinks will be available while we discuss the latest & greatest developments.
  • At booth 1330, you will find our Gold Partner Megware. If you don’t know what to wear at the booth party on Tuesday, Megware is giving away some very cool BeeGFS T-Shirts.
  • At booth 1100, you will find our Gold Partner ClusterVision. They have organized a BeeGFS Beecopter (remote-controlled quadcopter) raffle, for which you don’t have to be present to win. Just drop your business card into the raffle box and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you.
  • At booth 1323, our Gold Partner HPCNow! is celebrating their first year at ISC HPC and will be happy to show you how their are revolutionizing the storage market in Spain with BeeGFS and their new sNow! cluster management software.
  • At booth 1340, you can find the European Exascale Projects including DEEP-ER, which uses BeeGFS and an extended BeeOND (“BeeGFS On Demand”) version to build an exascale prototype system.
  • At booth 1112, our partner Cray can provide you information on how they easily and very cost-efficiently created a storage solution from compute node SSDs that delivers 160+GB/s based on BeeOND (“BeeGFS On Demand”).
  • At booth 552, our partner Q-Leap Networks is showing the latest version of their Qlustar cluster management stack, which has built-in installation and management support for BeeGFS on zfs.
  • At booth 914, our Partner E4 Computer Engineering is working on ARM and OpenPower systems with BeeGFS.
  • At booth 905, Mellanox has an interesting report on their recent BeeGFS over EDR InfiniBand benchmark, which resulted in world-record single stream file I/O throughput.
  • At booth 921, our partner Penguin Computing has a story to tell about a customer, who was quite frustrated after trying several parallel storage solutions that performed very badly and/or crashed when they ran their important workloads – until they came to Penguin, who showed them BeeGFS.
  • At booth 1140, you will find IBM, who is supporting us in optimizing BeeGFS for OpenPower.
  • On Wednesday, 1:45pm in the Panorama 2 room, there will be a panel “Parallel file system – quo vadis” featuring Franz-Josef Pfreundt, director of the Fraunhofer HPC Center, where BeeGFS was originally designed.